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CCTV Towers - A new way to secure your site

CCTV is an efficient and effective way to monitor your property and keep it safe and secure 24 hours a day. While CCTV equipment is usually installed at property to provide a permanent security solution there is also another way to use CCTV on a temporary basis without the need to invest in camera installation.

Our new CCTV Tower is an innovative security solution which can be installed quickly, providing an ideal temporary solution for asset managers of void properties and construction sites.

Pictured (Ward Security CCTV Tower being transported to site)

The camera’s are mounted at the top of a 6m mast and use the latest high performance PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) technology.

Pictured (Ward Security operative setting up the CCTV Tower)

No wiring is needed to install the CCTV Tower on your site, which means it can be set up in within a few hours. It can also be used in combination with WIDS, manned guarding patrols and alarm response.

Find out more on our website or contact to discuss setting up a CCTV Tower on your site.

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